Landscape Consultancy

Innovative garden design ideas and solutions for modern spaces

How We Help

We offer consulting services to help solve any problems that may arise during your landscaping project. Our team has assisted clients in various situations, including evaluating project costs, ensuring quality work, and assessing feasibility.

If you’re considering a DIY approach, we can provide you with construction advice and recommend the best products to use. If you’ve hired a contractor who isn’t meeting your expectations, we can help you identify and address any issues.

Our consulting approach is impartial, and we strive to resolve any problems with a win-win philosophy.

We charge by the hour for this service with a minimum charge of $100 incl GST and an hourly rate of $90 + GST.

"Ray has worked on our property for over 30 years - transforming and developing spaces with wonderful results. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ray for any of your landscaping requirements."

Leanne & Reg

"He is an expert builder with decades of experience, has a great eye for detail and is very good at problem-solving. Ray gets the job done and takes great care to construct landscapes that will last without taking shortcuts."

Sarah Norling, Landscape Designer

"Thanks Ray, you've done a great job,"

Nick R