Landscape Design

Developing Innovative, Practical and Cost-Effective Landscape Designs

Landscaping in Wellington

Ray the Landscaper believes that the key to a beautiful landscape is a design that fits your style, budget, and property. Our skilled landscape designers work with you to create innovative and practical designs that are cost-effective.

With a team of dedicated specialists, including consulting engineers, we’re here to assist you at every stage – from resource and building consent applications to comprehensive support throughout the process.


Initial Consultation

Whether you have a clear vision in mind or just know that you want a change, we’ll work with you to develop a project brief that captures your needs.

Our team will create a concept plan that showcases different ideas and possibilities for your landscape design that we can adjust and refine until we create the perfect design for you. Whether you’re dreaming of a water feature, outdoor fireplace, gardens, lawns, or play area, we’ll work with you to ensure that the final concept plan reflects your unique vision.


Final Landscape Design Concept

The final concept design is then converted into a detailed, scale drawing that includes all the elements of your landscape design, such as decking, paving, gardens, and lawns. We’ll also specify the materials we’ll use to bring your vision to life.


Design Working Drawings

If there are any construction elements in the final plan, we then need to provide details of how to build them for the landscape construction crew; a.k.a. a working drawing.

Some sections of the work such as retaining walls and decks need council consent and we can engage an engineer to design these structures to meet all necessary standards.


Landscape Design Costing

Once we’ve completed all the planning and drawings we move on to costing your project. This is where we break down the project into its different elements and trade groups to determine the best way to build your dream landscape.

If we need to bring in other tradespeople, such as plumbers or electricians, we’ll get a quote from them to ensure that we have a complete picture of the project’s costs. For jobs that can’t be quantified, we’ll allocate a provisional sum based on our experience with similar projects. We’ll also include a contingency sum to cover any unexpected costs that may arise.

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll create a detailed quote that itemises each element of the project, so you can see where the major expenses lie. We’ll also outline any concerns we have and any items that we haven’t included in the quote.

Finally, we’ll set out the payment terms and conditions, so you know exactly what to expect. With our transparent and straightforward approach, you can feel confident in choosing us for your landscape project


Acceptance Of The Design Quote

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll provide you with a tentative start date based on our current schedule. We’ll give you a call the day before we begin to give you a heads-up and coordinate access and power.
Throughout the project, you’ll have a dedicated site supervisor as your primary point of contact. If you have any questions or concerns, just chat with your supervisor and they will help however they can.

Our work hours can vary depending on the weather and supply delays, however, our dedicated team will work continuously on your project until completion, please be aware this might involve some weekend work to keep the project on track.


Design Changes

As part of the planning process, we’ll provide sketches of your proposed landscape so you can see what it will look like. If you decide to make any changes, please speak to the supervisor before we start working on that part. If we’ve already begun work and you want to make changes, we’ll need to charge for the work done so far. In some cases, changes may require a new quote, which we’ll provide before doing any further work. If you have time, we encourage you to check the progress at the end of the day to ensure you’re happy with the results.


Upon Completion of Landscaping

After completing the construction work, we will thoroughly clean the areas and arrange for consent inspections and certifications, if required. We will also demonstrate how any installed plant equipment, like pumps, operate and provide you with manuals for future reference. Although our pricing does not typically include maintenance work, we can provide a separate quote if you would like us to continue taking care of your new landscape.

We will leave the work site in pristine condition for you to enjoy.

"Ray has worked on our property for over 30 years - transforming and developing spaces with wonderful results. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ray for any of your landscaping requirements."

Leanne & Reg

"He is an expert builder with decades of experience, has a great eye for detail and is very good at problem-solving. Ray gets the job done and takes great care to construct landscapes that will last without taking shortcuts."

Sarah Norling, Landscape Designer

"Thanks Ray, you've done a great job,"

Nick R